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On a health and fitness journey mindset makes for a large part of the determination, commitment, adherence, results and level of enjoyment during the process. A big part of the ‘fat loss’ mindset is decision making, and making pragmatic choices for the greater good of results.

On that note, some people are significantly let down in this process due to what we dub as ‘fat decisions’. Basically just an inability to divorce from those initial poor choices and allowing them to take over when it comes to making decisions. Fat decisions are often present in dining-out choices, alcohol choices, coffee choices and general day to day food choices. Even experienced flexible dieters can often make poor choices that stem from previous bad eating habits however how they manage their weight is through being diligent for the remainder of the day eating loser calories or more nutrient-dense foods. 

Our Equalution client, down 12kgs with a complete change in body composition. 
This was achieved through independently selecting foods of his choice meeting our strategised macronutrient and micronutrient intake requirements set on a weekly basis according to his progress and goals. 

What is a ‘fat decision’?

Some people simply don’t have any sort of concept of calorie intake. Like the below image demonstrates, calories can be blinding and you can believe you’re simply having e.g. a chicken wrap without awareness of the lower caloric alternatives available.


Examples of these decisions and areas to be aware of include opting for:

1. Full cream over light variations
2. The big burger on a menu over meat and vegetables or a salad
3. Food fried not steamed or baked
4. A dense takeaway when you can easily make a home-cooked meal
5. A side of fries rather than say vegetables
6. Eating a dine-out meal with a calorie-dense beverage like a milkshake
7. Snacking on sweets all throughout the day
8. Large portion sizes when small etc is an option
9. Consuming many courses in a dine-out experience
10. Cocktails, frappes and calorie-dense beverages over lesser versions e.g diet sodas, vodka soda water lime etc, skim coffee and so forth

Does the above mean that you need to refrain and restrict yourself? Absolutely not.

  • It DOES NOT mean you can’t enjoy any of the above
  • It DOES NOT mean that neither choice will be directly responsible for fat loss or fat gain
  • It DOES NOT mean that the body will see one as good or one as bad

Quite simply when losing body fat you will always be posed with choices and while a science-based strategy can allow for flexibility and inclusion of ALL foods and food groups in your daily diet there will ALWAYS be ‘better’ choices. Better could mean:

1. It’s fewer calories so you’re able to fit in more meals throughout the day
2. It has better macros so your other meals in the day aren’t trying to chase what you’re missing out on
3. If you have binge eating tendencies you’re not testing temptations
4. If you’ve got dinner plans or are socialising later in the day you’re not over-consuming
5. A more accurately calculable option rather than guesstimating the intake of something really calorie-dense which increases the margin for error

How you can make better choices:

  • Look for light over full cream options
  • Choose lean meat and vegetables when dining out
  • Get sauces on the side
  • Ask for no oil or butter
  • Pick your courses i.e 2 rather than 5
  • Consider what you’ve had already in the day
  • Consider what you’ll be having for the rest of the day
  • Don’t be afraid to say no
  • Be mindful of your goals

Even the most flexible dieting practice in a state of flexible of the most flexible will require some diligence when it comes to making choices for the greater good of your goals. Always remember why you started and how many times you’ve started over that poor choices will only fuel a similar cycle again.