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We see a common trend in the mental health of individuals who come to us for customised fat loss. Quite often their weight concerns and confidence levels seep into other areas of live and overall affect their sense of self worth, drive and performance in every day life tasks.

How you feel in your own skin is a huge driver for the mindset that you wake up with each day and the confidence that you have in presenting yourself to others and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

When you change your body you change your mind and when you change your mind you change your body.

Mindset, perspective and outlook are intricately connected to the fat loss process and they reliantly bounce off one another.  When you approach each situation with a perspective of the glass being half empty you’re likely going to be riddled with doubt when it comes to your ability to achieve your fat loss goals.  

How can you improve your mindset ultimately bettering your mental health and approach to your body transformation journey?

Our Equalution client Robert, down 30kgs and 104cms in body measurements to date! This was achieved through independently selecting foods of his choice meeting our strategised macronutrient and micronutrient intake requirements set on a weekly basis according to his progress and goals. 

1. Surround yourself with support - whether it be friends and family or professional assistance ensure you’re not walking the road alone

2. Have a successful meal plan - strategy that works - there’s nothing more deflating than changing your own tale, have a proven plan and ensure it works for you

3. Exercise - this doesn’t need to mean 7 days in the gym, just get outdoors, get active and get your body moving - you’ll feel great afterwards

4. Speak up - don’t suffer silently if you’re struggling open up for support and advice to someone you trust

5. Place yourself in positive environments and situations - where you are will always play a part in how you’re feeling, whether a work environment, being financially stable, not engaging in reckless behaviour etc there are always ways you can avoid self-sabotage and bypass creating extra stress for yourself.

An Equalution client reflection of mental health progression through a body transformation journey:

"When I first began with Equalution I would say I was in a rut. Mentally I was in a place where I just loathed my existence because as dramatic as that sounds the hate I had for my body just sent me to that all-time low,"

"There were days where I didn’t want to get out of bed, I was binge eating, not exercising, I wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship and I all round just felt completely demotivated. Looking back now I’d amount the feelings and state of mind as severe depression, a dark place that I’m so glad now that I pulled myself out of,"

"I saw a photo of myself at my heaviest one Monday after a weekend event and I’d say that was the moment that I had the brain snap that it’s now or never. Slowly and surely as I progressed week after week with Equalution the little wins whether it was no binges, measurement and weight drops and even just fitting into clothes better I found the ‘real’ and ‘old’ me starting to come back to life,"

"4 months on I’m now 13kgs lighter and what I would classify as a whole new person. Mentally I’m now a whole different person. How I approach situations and that initial reaction and forethought is just pretty positive on most occasions of which being previously riddled with negativity is a breath of fresh air,"

"I love my new body and I truly feel so empowered having taken this plunge and achieved something so significantly life-changing, thanks to the girls at Equalution for giving me the gift of good physical and mental health." said our client who wished to remain anonymous.

happy woman eating pasta

So how can your body transformation impact your mental health?

  • It makes you more confident. Confidence can be a game-changer to your aura and how you approach situations.
  • It makes you a do-er. A lot of people who suffer from mental health issues have a difficult time going forth with task completion and even just making the first move on things.
  • It makes you more social. Isolation is common in those who aren’t happy with their bodies and are suffering with a poor relationship with food. Common repercussions include not wanting to eat out or be in the company of others, even simply not wanting to get themselves ready.
  • It makes you appreciate. Appreciation of the little things is made a lot simpler with a positive and headstrong mentality.
  • You become better at problem-solving. If an issue arises you tend to become more rational in approaching the situation with a positive solution rather than dooming yourself from the beginning.
  • It gives you a zest for life. Commonly those who transform their bodies because more excited and eager for life in general.
  • You become more patient. Having gone through a process that is timely and requires consistency you learn to recognise that good things take time and become more patient.
  • You have the ability to give 100%. More often than not you’ll give your everything to a task or goal after having gone through an achievement such as changing your body.

Conclusively, you don’t have to begin with mental health issues, nor even be in a dark place or a rut, but quite simply the wonderful achievement of changing your body blissfully changes your mind too. Mindset is so intricately connected to your dieting abilities and relationship with food, allow the Equalution Team to support and educate you on a customised science-based strategy that WILL achieve results and have a magnitude of benefits for your mental health.