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Over half a decade ago we, Equalution (aka Amal and Jade) became educated on the science of nutrition in how the body recognises food and how balance can be incorporated within your body’s needs all the while achieving results. In a time when the fitness industry was birthing fitness models and hopeful dieters to be carrying 6 Tupperware containers during the day filled with dry chicken and raw broccoli we made it our LIFE MISSION to change the way the world views nutrition and make the SCIENCE well and truly known to every hopeful shredder out there.

Today we are blown away by the mark that Equalution has made in the industry and look forward to a bright future of changing the world one body at a time. We wanted you to hear first hand how flexible dieting is truly life-changing and wanted it to come raw from one of our fat loss clients who has had a 17kg weight loss success.

Below is the reason we get out of bed every day and the core of why we want you to find what you’ve been searching for in a diet through an indisputable universal science. If you’ve been dieting for years and years, had falls, have given up or are sick and tired of your bad relationship with food, read on to hear of what your future may look like with flexible dieting…

Our Equalution client Ramina, down 21kgs and 90cm in body measurements.
This was achieved through independently selecting foods of her choice meeting our strategised macronutrient and micronutrient intake requirements set on a weekly basis according to her progress and goals. Here's her story:

I remember in the good old days of starting a diet everything was pretty much preconceived. There was an understanding that it was going to be miserable in the short term, discount my favourite foods, minimise socialising and even at times make me a somewhat zombie at work and in doing everyday tasks. When I received my first week diet from Equalution I couldn't find any evidence of restriction, any fear given the food quantity that it wouldn't be enough to sustain my energy and also for the first time it was a diet I knew I could do every day for the rest of my life.

6 months on having lost my goal weight of 17kgs I've gained much more through flexible dieting then I ever imagined in joining Equalution. Come to think of it, I feel sad and sorry for the many poor souls that are STILL dieting through cutting all their favourite foods and seasonal fluctuations in weight all year. I remember saying to the girls when I started 'why isn't the whole world dieting like this', rest assured they let me know they were to make it their life mission that one day the world would be.

Reflecting on my journey and how it changed every single aspect of my life I would like you the potential dieter or the yo-yo dieter to know that if I'm your dieting history you've been looking for an answer FLEXIBLE DIETING IS YOUR ANSWER!

I swore that I had ever resistance and intolerance under the sun... I mean it was an easy explanation as to why I just couldn't make the dream body 'happen' before flexible dieting. The truth is, we all have a human body, yes everyone has different intake needs and there are the odd intolerance and medical misfortunes but it makes total sense that the SAME science that makes me lose body fat will too make you, your mum, your sister, your brother, your cousin and your grandfather all lose body fat too.  

When the girls at Equalution asked me to write this reflection I was really ready just to word vomit all the great things about flexible dieting but what's really become obvious is that I'm writing this reformed and educated. I was once the girl who preached clean eating, cutting carbs, excessively exercising. Being part of the fitness industry I just thought it was the only way. I thank Equalution for not only showing me another way in practice but also giving me the most valuable tool of education which has lead to a plethora of other benefits too.

Here's how flexible dieting has changed my life:

I'm not at all scared of food

You put any food in front of me I'll know how it can work within my day, my goals, my intake needs and what I have to eat to allow it to fit.

It made me disciplined

I did some diligent months tracking macros, weighing food and pre-planning. Although the girls noted it wasn't to be for life they did make it clear that ultimate flexibility later on can be earned through just having a diligent period. I was fine with that, if I had to weigh out 200g of ice cream to save myself from having 400g of ice cream and still lose weight every week - I was in!

It gave me control

I was a serial binge eater. Mainly on the weekends. Everything I put in my mouth was just excessive quantities - whether food or beverages I just had no limits. I now know my limits and am so satisfied with those as much as I never ever thought portion control and me could work.

I don't fluctuate

Someone said to me the other day 'when you gain weight excessively when you have kids...' and immediately I thought 'there's only one way to gain weight and it's not happening in excess to me'. I now know what excessively overeating entails and how to avoid it. Eating more than you burn is the only way to gain weight, while I'm okay with the recommended while pregnant I definitely won't be gaining weight 'excessively' ever in my life.

I have intuition

Intuition with food and eating intuitively was something I thought I’d never acquire if I wasn’t strict and avoiding food like the plague I was gorging on it; if I wasn’t counting down for every meal I was so sick from binging I couldn’t bare to eat another thing. Aside from no control I just couldn’t listen to my body until now. I think taking away the restriction and mindset of having to eat every 2-3 hours (what a myth that ended up being!) I now can go by my day to day and I think about food when I get hungry. If you would have told be 2 years ago that my mind would be programmed to eat when my body told me too I would have laughed and said ‘yeah right’.

Equalution, when I was asked to write the impact of what flexible dieting has meant for me and my future I just didn’t realise that this exercise would really make me realise that YOU have given me my future. Not only have I achieved my goal, got control of my eating and gained a heck load of confidence but I am so educated on nutrition that my future feels bright in this new body that I love and know 100% I will keep.

The girl who loves her food and now proudly - herself!