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Welcome to our new subscribers and new followers. We would like to welcome a lot of you 'new followers' with an introduction on a who we are and for those that know of Equalution what's happened over the years and what is on it's way...

Many years ago we were just like you - trying our very best on the shred train, trying diets, rolling in and out of fads, watching the scales go up and down, trying, buying, trying again and failing. After a long hard search and filtration of information overload in the diet industry, we became educated with all the answers. Literally, where there was a question there was an answer, where there was confusion there was clarification, where there was worry there was a saving grace - and you bet we soaked up every bit of it!!! That golden egg was science. The bread and butter explanation as to how our bodies work and why things happen as they do.

Our Equalution client Michelle, down 8% in body fat while maintaining her muscle mass over a 12 week period. This was achieved through a science-based and flexible diet allowing her to enjoy her favourite foods daily including burgers, schnitzel and chocolate, among lean meats and vegetables.

We've loved supporting her along the way!

How do we embody science in our plans? 

1. The strategy: There are four main goals that we are consulted for, all regulated by a scientific strategy. These goals are fat loss, muscle/weight gain, weight management and maintenance and reverse dieting/metabolic improvement. The science behind all strategies is regulated quite simply by calories in vs. calories out. Think of it like building a house, this is your blueprint and scaffold, without the right caloric intake your house simply won’t be optimally constructed or able to be constructed at all. What makes up the ‘mortar and brick’ element of the house is your macronutrients so the nitty-gritty of optimal body composition - your protein, fats and carbs.

Our caloric and macronutrient strategy takes into account individual factors of your body as well as weekly progress mindful of the end result and manipulates your intake weekly for optimal results. Good nutrition is a two-part system both in aesthetics and inner health, so with that, micronutrient intake is also monitored, strategised and met within our nutrition plans. Simple take-home points on the science of nutrition:

  • Whether you lose weight or gain weight is dependent upon calories in vs. calories out
  • Optimal body composition can be achieved by consuming adequate protein, fats and carbs
  • You shouldn’t restrict macronutrients as they all serve a fundamental purpose and without enough of one it can cause adverse effects 
  • Your metabolism is highly adaptive, so if you’ve consistently crash dieted on low calories OR have come out of a fat loss finishing in a calorie deficit reverse dieting should most definitely be a consideration

Food quantity not food quality is the determinant for fat loss or fat gain. The body doesn’t recognise food as good nor bad it recognises it for its macronutrient value and whether you lose weight or gain weight will rest on the equation of calories in vs. calories out. Therefore no food will directly cause fat gain, nor are there any ‘superfoods’ that will result in fat loss. An extreme implementation of this principle can be seen in the Twinkie Diet Study.

2. Macronutrients: Which are the nutrients that we need in LARGE quantities for survival - protein, carbohydrates and fat - providing energy in the form of calories for our body.

Protein is responsible for cell repair and growth meaning muscle growth or preventing muscle loss. Having a diet high in protein will help control cravings (blood sugar levels), keep you feeling fuller for longer while having the greatest thermic effect during digestion. Our recommendation for protein intake ranges from 1.6-3g per kilo of bodyweight depending on the goal, body fat and training load. 

Carbs are the optimal source of energy for the human body, particularly for brain and workout fuel. With that in mind, it’s important to note that carbohydrates are what the brain runs on for energy and is why following a low carb diet for a prolonged period of time is detrimental. In simple terms, a carb is a carb and the primary difference between a sugar and a low GI carb such as sweet potato is the way in which its digested. From a calorie perspective, 1g will always equate to 4 calories. We’d recommend a carb intake around 35-65% of total daily calories or the remainder of calories after subtraction of total daily protein and fat requirements. 

Fats are an important macronutrient for protecting organs, maintaining cell membranes, promoting growth and development and absorbing essential vitamins. We’d recommend a fat intake of around 20-35% of your total daily calories. One gram of fat contains about 9 calories which is more than double a gram of carb or protein, hence the vilification.

3. Micronutrients: Are nutrients required in SMALL quantities for survival. These are vitamins and minerals - most importantly fibre. You can kill two birds with one stone in aiming to consume around 2-5 serves of fruit and veggies a day which are usually high in fibre and vitamins and minerals. Deficiencies in some of micros may impact other areas of your body for example if you don’t consume B3 (found in turkey, chicken breast, mushroom, nuts, avocado etc) then it can affect the metabolising of macronutrients. All micros play a role just like macros, they’re just required in much smaller quantities.

4. Individual/contextual factors: Medical history inclusive of needs, dieting history, medication etc, and training volume, relationship with food etc. are enquiries that we make upon initially working with clients in order to strategise accordingly. These factors determine important conclusions as to your metabolic capacity and therefore the strategy to take. Each week we work with each individual’s progress in the body's real-time response to restrategise your intake needs going forward. We should note that this 'additional' information makes for a very small part of your overall requirements, a lot of people feel it will make or break their results when in actual fact it is no hindrance.

5. Explanation and expectation setting: There are many factors that are regulated by a scientific basis that we implement in our weekly coaching to explain results or set expectations. For instance, our clients understand that menstrual cycle, consuming a high sodium meal the night before, not enough water, off macronutrients, blowouts etc. all affect the number on the scale which is why it is often not an accurate measurement of progress. As well as this, scientifically fat loss can only travel at a certain pace, we educate our clients on what is realistic to expect with fat loss as those who pull huge weight losses week in and week out until they stall are doing so due to an aggressive method which can’t be sustained and will not result in ideal aesthetic results seeing as the majority of the weight loss (note: different to FAT loss) will be water and muscle.

Our journey

Have you seen our 50kg fat loss video on YouTube? One of the reasons as to why we have been able to relate so closely and intrinsically with our clients is due to coming from a background prior to education of walking the same path of dieting restriction, uncertainty surrounding fat loss, weight fluctuations and poor relationship with food. Tune into our YouTube to view the video of our personal dieting history and 50kg fat loss success.  

What Equalution has achieved in a competition space

We not only coach individuals on body transformation journey’s but also athletes in a competitive space in sports that are judged on either performance (like powerlifting) or aesthetic (like bodybuilding). Nutrition in this context experiences more intricacies proportionate to the end goal. We’ve had pro transformations, acquired national and global titles as well as hundreds of placings over the years in men's and women's categories demonstrating an understanding and practice of nutrition at a high level.




Our ranges of clientele

1. Postpartum transformations: We love helping Mum’s get back on track after having a baby using science-based nutrition without the need to extensively train during this new phase of life.


2. Children: Our youngest success was 9 years old dropping 12kgs in 14 weeks. Children respond to incorrect nutrition just as adults do - with fat gain. We love working with parents educating them on how to feed their children and also ensuring they grow as confident and healthy young people.

3. Clients with intolerances: We have A LOT of clients who will come to us seeking a body transformation and have wound themselves of foods and food groups under the impression that it will better their results. Food groups such as dairy and gluten namely without a clinical diagnosis. As a result due to a restrictive diet often these individuals can experience adverse effects when these foods are consumed so we work with them on progressively incorporating balance back into the diet monitoring the response weekly. There are also those individuals who find it difficult to manage their weight or experience optimal fat loss given a clinical diagnosed intolerance or allergy e.g. dairy, lactose, gluten. We customise to their food preferences ensuring nutrients comes from alternative sources managed by a caloric intake to achieve the desired goal. 



4. Clients with specific dietary requirements: We customise to individual dietary requirements such as vegetarians and vegans. Meeting your body’s intake needs is often hard under these requirements, therefore we assist in sourcing alternatives and setting the intake goals of the individual according to their food preferences.



5. Clients with eating disorders: Namely anorexia and binge eating, we work with individuals who are at their wits end with a daily battle with food and are looking to better their relationship with food. 


BINGE EATING MANAGEMENT AND SUCCESS - Follow her journey @roxy92

Our services

When we first began Equalution we would customise meal plans to the individual's intake needs and food preferences, but then YOU asked and we listened and introduced an independent service and a mix of both to suit all design styles both independent and more guided. Our three services include:

Weekly Strategised Macros and Meal Plan: This is our most popular and recommended service and gives the daily choice to either self-select foods and track the individual’s own food choices meeting the strategised intake needs we set OR follow the customised meal plan. The meal plan is changed on a weekly basis in light of intake and any food preferences for the week ahead. The meal plan options details exactly what to each from meals 1-6.

Weekly Strategised Macros: This is where we strategise your intake weekly based upon your progress and goals. You’re provided with your caloric, protein, carb and fat requirements which are adjusted weekly in correlation with your body’s real-time response. We usually recommend this service for experienced flexible dieters as it’s the most independent service we have and not recommended for anyone who doesn’t currently have balance in their nutrition, an understanding of macronutrients or a doesn’t have a good relationship with food.

Monthly Nutrition Plan: This is for those that would rather be told what to eat according to their preferences. In two meal plan options to select from each week this details exactly what to eat from meals 1-6 and gives you a 3rd option each week which we customise to any dine out or social event. The individual simply sends us the menu and we make up a temporary plan for that day.

Other achievements we’re proud of

Aside from the amazing client transformations we’ve produced with some extremely committed, determined and tenacious people; we are proud to have been recognised in the community as a company in winning Australia’s Best Start-Up last year where we took to Switzerland to represent Australia and walked away with a Finalist Best Female Entrepreneur prize. Only months ago we were awarded regional finalists in the Business Chamber awards which are to be held in August determining whether we will make the state titles.

Don’t think it stops here: What we’ve been working on

When we began Equalution we had a huge dream to change the way the world views nutrition. It saddens us to be a part of an industry that gives lots of false and misleading information and leads people to sad and distorted eating behaviours creating poor relationships with food. The science of nutrition allows you to have your cake and eat it too which means it is possible for every individual to find balance in achieving their goals and enjoying the foods they love. This has been the basis for our years of developing a way to reach as many of you as possible through the convenience of having a little Equalution brain in your back pocket. Stay tuned for our announcement this year…

In the meantime, connect with us:

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If you’re sick and tired of the same old vicious cycle, not seeing results, want to eat what you want sustainably, AND don’t know where to start in eating according to your goal intake requirements… Take the first step in seeking professional assistance and we can show you the ways of dieting to your body’s needs in an approach that best suits you and your lifestyle. Contact us today.

“We believe our stamp on the world is to change the way nutrition is viewed, we want everyone to know and understand how to have their cake and eat it too”