The Truth About Dairy

The Truth About Dairy

There is a common misconception of people believing that the removal of dairy based foods from their diet will aid in better fat loss. 

This is in fact far from the truth!

In today's blog post we outline the reasons as to why you should start having or even add more dairy based foods into your diet to aid with your fat loss goals.


1. Keeping You Fuller For Longer: 
It is important when aiming to lose body fat, that your diet doesn’t make you suffer from hunger. Dairy based products are low in GI (glycemic Index) meaning it takes longer for your body to breakdown, therefore controlling your appetite and cravings.

2. Aiding With Muscle Growth and Bone Health: 
Dairy foods are very high in calcium as well as Vitamin D, in fact, dairy is predominantly one of the highest sources of calcium in diets. This is important as calcium is essential to maintain bone health. Individuals who lack sufficient bone density suffer to build muscle and also have an accelerated muscle loss as ageing occurs. A low consumption of dairy may not only lead to insufficient calcium but it could also be argued that the individual may lack protein. As dairy foods such as yoghurt are high in protein which aids with maintaining muscle mass, low dairy intake could hinder meeting protein requirements, particularly if the individual doesn't consume a lot of meats.

3. The Proof Is In The Pudding: 
Majority of scientific studies have concluded that individuals who consume dairy based foods will have no relations with having high body fat percentage. Moreover, a study conducted by ‘The Journal of Nutrition’ on 90 individuals all following the same exercise regimen and exact daily caloric intake where one group had a higher amount of dairy foods, concluded that the individuals who had the higher dairy based foods had greater fat mass lost but more importantly greater fat loss around their mid sections.

4. Dairy Tastes Great and is Convenient: 
Come on guys! We all know dairy foods taste amazing such as milk with a sprinkle of sugar free chocolate powder at night or even a big bowl of Greek yogurt and granola of a morning. Don't eliminate one of the greatest food groups with a plethora of benefits!

Yours in Health & Fitness,

The Equalution Team