FAQ - Intake Goals + Meal Plan

How does this service work?
With the intake goals and meal plan service you receive your customised daily intake needs (calories, protein, carbs and fat) as well as one full day meal plan option. This means on any given day you can opt to self select your own food choices and track via the self tracking tool or alternatively follow the meal plan provided.

Should I follow the meal plan for any set amount of days?
No, there is no requirement for this. You can self track or follow the meal plan without a limit on how many days a week you do either.

How often does my meal plan change?
Every 7 days you will be able to update your preferences and change your meal plan. Your new meal plan will reflect the intake goals for that week as well as your food preferences.

When following the meal plan what times do I eat and in what order?

This doesn’t matter. Even though your meals have been written in an order they do not need to be consumed in that specific order or at any particular time. If you’re a shift worker or lead a busy life that doesn’t allow you to eat at ordinary hours than just consume your plan or all calories within a 24 hour block. Eat when convenient for you and your lifestyle, eat at a preferred time and combine meals for convenience if need be.

What if I can not find an item specified on the meal plan?
Find the closest match. Look at the nutritional content of the food specified and replace it with the closest option in nutritional value in a different brand or flavour variation. For example 1x Smiths Snack Pack Chips 19g for 1x Thins Snack Pack 19g which has relatively the same calorie content and macronutrients. Alternatively you can completely change the meal keeping the calories and macros close ie 1x Smiths Snack Chips 19g for 2x Corn Thins + 10g of Bega Light Peanut Butter. OR Self track: You’re also able to make a change to your meal plan and completely track your day meeting the intake targets specified.

What if I can not find an item in the database when self tracking?
You can go to 'My Foods' and add the food in manually, it will then feed to our macro database gurus for verification to add to our growing accurate database.

Will any particular food make me fat?
No particular food will cause fat gain. Your body doesn’t recognise food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ instead it recognises it for its macronutrient value, that is the protein, fat and carbohydrates in each food. Whether you lose weight or put on weight is dependant on if calorie intake is more or less than what you’re burning. We have strategised your calorie intake to meet your goal using foods of your preference. So no food unless consumed outside of what has been prescribed - which can potentially put you in a calorie surplus - which would directly result in fat gain.

When self tracking how do I ensure I’m being healthy?
Optimal self tracking practice we advise as reflecting an 80/20 approach. 80% of your day should incorporate lean protein sources, fruits, vegetables and nutrient dense foods leaving 20% for soul food and foods you love and enjoy.

How do I cook my meals?
In any way of choice that doesn’t involve adding extra calories. E.g. if you are having chicken breast you may bake it in the oven, BBQ it or grill it etc but DON’T add oils, pan sprays etc. If when you’re self tracking you do use oils etc you MUST factor it in.

Can I season my food?
Adding salts, herbs and spice (zero calorie options) is permitted on your plan however additional sauces (aside from what is specified) as well as oil and cooking spray, butters and margarines and other calorie dense condiments are not to be used as it adds calories onto your meal. If when you’re self tracking you do use calorie dense seasonings etc you MUST factor it in.

Should I cut out salt?
No. Excess sodium does not hinder weight loss but may only cause fluid retention, don’t use excessively but you can salt your food.

If I don’t want something on the meal plan can I just not have it?
Short answer, no, not without making up the calories or macros elsewhere.
Your nutrition plan has been constructed in light of the requirements of your body, each food is on your plan to assist in meeting these requirements. Taking food out or adding foods on jeopardises optimal results while adhering to your plan. Eat the exactly as specified or self track your day incorporating an alternative option while still meeting the intake requirements.

Can I have coffee and tea?
Coffee and Tea can be consumed daily within a reasonable amount. With this, you may add a calorie free sweetener such as an Equal or Stevia and/or a dash of skim milk. Other higher calorie options such a lattes and/or full cream selections can only be had when self tracking and fitting into your intake goals.

What beverages can I have?
Water is recommended at no less than 2-3 liters a day. Diet soft drinks like Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite Zero etc can also be consumed daily (excessive consumption is not recommended) as there’s no significant calorie count. Diet cordial ranges with a calorie value of 5 or less per serve, daily is also allowed (excessive consumption not recommended). Any calorie dense beverages like alcohol, lattes, smoothies etc should only be incorporated when self tracking ensure they fit into your intake goals.

Can I drink alcohol while on my journey?
Alcohol can be self tracked into your day. You can reach out in your chat for support on how to optimally do this.

What if I have a dine out or have social event?
Refer to 'Your Guide to Macros' for how to best incorporate this.

Do I need supplements?
There is no reason to take supplements unless specified on your plan. If you usually take a post workout shake etc and it is not on your plan then do not add it in as you’ll be adding additional calories to your daily intake. Consume one of your meals at this time if you feel as though you need to eat after training. Other supplements such as BCAAs and pre workouts are permitted unless it has a caloric intake of more than 10 calories. All of your requirements have been met using food so therefore unless otherwise stated supplementation is not necessary. If you self track you can track supplements accordingly.

How often should I exercise?
Your activity level and therefore daily intake has been assessed on the activity information provided by you in your profile. Please continue on this regime and if advise in the support chat if this changes significantly.

Can I have a cheat meal?
There shouldn’t be a need for a cheat meal. We have included foods of your choice to give you a really balanced food plan. You should not feel restricted by these foods as no food or food group has been prohibited in the construction of your plan. If you have a cheat meal it will affect your calorie intake for that week increasing your daily average and may hinder your results. If you’re craving something, simply self track it or request it in your following week plan.

How do I cancel my subscription?
After the minimum 8 week term you're able to provide 7 days notice to cancel your service. This can be done manually in app by going to: Settings > Profile > Cancel my subscription. 

What happens if I don’t stick to either the plan or intake requirements?
If you don’t stick to your meal plan you may be eating more or even less than the calculated calorie requirement, which can affect results. For optimum results adhere to the plan or intake requirements as specified.

What if I stuff up?
Try very hard not to. A body transformation journey requires your dedication and consistency. Minimise derailing as much as possible, if this does happen we can not be accountable for your lack of results. A blow out can counteract your weekly deficit and therefore we recommend full adherence to the plan. If this does happen, move on and continue back on the plan the next day.

What results should I expect?
You should expect to achieve your goal inputted in your settings if you adhere to your strategised plan. If for example your goal is to lose weight, you will be in a calculated calorie deficit for optimal fat loss. The science of this means each week you will be losing fat. Hormones (that-time-of-the-month for females) and other factors like stress, lack of sleep and even intense training can cause water retention which can affect the number on the scales which may fluctuate from time to time. Don’t let this dishearten you or affect your efforts, your results may not be linear but your plan has been constructed to achieve your goal so trust us and trust the process.

What in between meal items can I consume?
If you’re a snacker by nature we discourage picking at food in between meals as you can add calories on to your daily intake affecting your results. Teas and coffees with a dash of skim and equal can be had to counteract picking habits or diet sodas. Chewing gum and low calorie mints in moderation (avoid excessive consumption) are also fine. You will never be deprived of what your body requires so we aim to ensure your plan is full of satisfying foods to limit urges of eating additional food.

What if I don’t like a meal?
We look forward to adding in the option to amend the meal or favour particular meals in the future. Until then, if there is any ingredient or meal you don’t like let us know in your support chat. Alternatively self track and select food choices of preference meeting the intake requirements specified.

Can I mix and match from previous meal plans?
As each meal on your plan has been constructed to meet your daily intake goals you're unable to mix and match from previous plans as not all meals are equal in calories and macros. Each food item contributes to overall calorie and macro goals therefore mixing and matching can interfere with this equation. You can however swap products that are the same or alike in calories and macros if you require a substitute i.e Danone YoPro yogurt for Chobani Fit. 

Do I need to check in weekly?
A weekly check in allows us to restrategise your intake needs based on your body's response. Make sure to answer the questions at check in with honesty so we can be as accurate in these changes as possible. A weekly check in keeps you accountable and ensuring you’re progressing on par with our expectations so it’s highly encouraged. Those who work closely with us having see the best results through adherence and accountability.

When do I receive my meal plan each week? 
You receive your new meal plan by EOD midnight on each check in day, you can view this in the meal plan tab of your app.

When do I begin my new plan? 
You can begin each new meal plan on a consistent day weekly that best suits you. This does not have to be your check in day. For example, if your check in day is Thursday weekly you will receive your new plan by EOD midnight each Thursday and can begin the new plan every Sunday.

Can I reduce my calories the next day if I go over?
If you do exceed your calories do not deduct your calories from the next day simply get back on your plan and meet your strategised calorie and macro goals the following day. Trying to compensate for a day you’ve exceeded can lead to a yo-yo dieting pattern, instead start afresh with a determined mindset!

Can I change my check in day?
This is discretionary upon us in light of our client management strategy, if you wish to request this please do so in your support chat.

How do I change my service?
To switch your service please direct this question in your support chat.

TRUST the plan and the process
We have included some 'fun' and yummy foods, which are often ‘cut out’ of diets. We want you to trust us and the science implemented in your plan and know that these foods have been included within your daily requirements for your goals. What will be demonstrated to you is that it's okay to eat foods that you love in moderation and balance is the key to success for weight loss and your health and fitness goals!