The diet that doesn't feel like a diet.
The Equalution approach is a science-based nutrition practice.
We use the unique data points of your body to calculate your optimal daily targets
We guide you to transform your mind, body and life via the Equalution App
You get to have your cake and eat it, too!
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Meet the founders
We’re Jade and Amal, proof in the pudding Equalution works! Following our own success (losing 50kgs combined!), we made it our mission to educate people on the science of nutrition and empower them to build positive relationships with their body and food.
Over 16,000 kilos lost, and counting!
Meagan Greenland
Each week I am gobsmacked that I have lost weight again! Whilst getting to eat food that I LOVE! I also think the fact that I have been able to seamlessly stick to this for two years and not be remotely sick of it yet shows just how easy it is to stick to the meals plans the team at Equalution create for you!
Maggie Chretien
Speaking to the girls every week on check is one of my favourite parts of the app. I am able to share with them how I am feeling and if I am having any struggles. They also help educate me and when I've had a week that didn’t go to plan, instead of berating me, they simply let me know that they were there for me & that the next week we’d be in it together.
Zara Spooner
The entire process was seamless and by far the best thing I have done for myself. In regards to enjoying the food, losing weight and improving my overall life, it has been beyond easy thanks to the personalised meal plan each week.
Jess Ay
I got to the heaviest I had ever been, I was so unhappy and I was in such a bad place. I didn’t go to the gym at all, I was super unfit and tired all the time. I was binge eating every single day and making poor food choices. I was so self-conscious and had no confidence at all. I was always trying the new quick fix to try lose weight and that just led me straight back to gaining more weight. Finding Equalution absolutely changed my life and turned everything around. I am now the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. They really gave me the tools for life.
Emma Morgan
The team has been there for me every step of the way. Whether that be when I feel disappointed in myself or results, or if I need a kick of motivation. They've been my 'best friend' during the process and provided me with endless support, encouragement and motivation.
Irene Theo
The best thing about Equalution is that you learn how to incorporate all the foods you love guilt free. There has been nothing that I’ve had to sacrifice. The health and fitness industry has this mentality of having to cut or limit certain food groups and perhaps too much of one food group is bad for you however the education that Equalution provides makes you understand that food is fuel and essential for our bodies to function correctly. I love that I haven’t had to give up anything to achieve great results.
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