The grocery bill has come under the microscope in recent months as the cost of living pressures continue to impact all of us on a daily basis.

We understand the importance of making every grocery shopping trip count, and these expert tips are designed to streamline the process, ensuring you get the most value for your health and money.

Check out our top eight supermarket hacks to save you money below.

Buy in Bulk

Purchase staples in larger quantities to take advantage of cost savings can help; store away in portions in the fridge or freezer and defrost them before use so you can take advantage of great savings. Buying in bulk is one great way to save your money when you are next heading to the supermarket.

Buy What’s in Season

Opt for seasonal produce to enjoy fresher and more flavourful options while also benefiting from the cheapest produce on the market at that point in time. Whatever is in season at that specific point in time is sure to be a more affordable option and then you can get creative in the kitchen with some different vegetables or fruit to what you are used to. Sounds fun to us! 

Read the Nutrition Label

Ensure you’re getting the best nutritional value for your money by carefully examining the nutrition labels on products. The key here is to also look for the value per kg or ml to ensure you are getting the products with the most bang for your buck. Don’t be fooled by that big yellow or orange sticker telling you it is on special, make sure you look at the detail to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Opt for Home Brands

Consider choosing store or generic brands for certain items, often providing a more economical option without compromising quality or nutritional value. Most of the generic brands have the same nutritonal value but will be sure to save your wallet when you arrive at the checkout. 

Shop the Weekly Specials

Keep an eye out for weekly specials and discounts to make the most of savings on a variety of products. Ensure you know what the normal price of your shop and products are so that you truly understand if something is on special. Or a quick sale for products that might need to be cooked that night is another great option.

Meal Prep Your Weekly Meals

Plan your meals ahead of time and prepare them in advance, helping you stay on track with your nutritional goals and avoiding impulsive purchases. This is a great way to ensure you can shop to your weekly budget. If you need help with meal prepping and ideas for recipes that is what we are here for. Check out some of our favourite healthy recipes here.

Write a Shopping List and Stick to It

This one is a must if you are serious about keeping the shipping budget in check. Create a detailed shopping list before heading to the store to stay focused and resist the temptation of unnecessary purchases. Most people will be able to stay well within their shopping budget with just a little bit of planning before you get to the supermarket.

Opt for Frozen Foods

Frozen fruits, vegetables, and other items can be just as nutritious as fresh ones and often come at a lower cost, with the added benefit of a longer shelf life. Don’t be scared of buying frozen ingredients that are mostly packed with goodness, including protein, such as fish and chicken, in the frozen aisle.

These grocery shopping hacks are not only about making wise financial decisions but also about fostering a healthier lifestyle.

By incorporating these strategies into your routine, you can transform your grocery shopping experience into a well-informed, money-saving and rewarding journey. 

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