Health Products We’re Currently Loving

We’re calling it – 2023 is the year of health products designed to support optimal health in a variety of different ways. The new “it” gifts and “treat yourself” purchases range from wearable fitness tech, to devices designed to reduce chemical and pollution exposure, to superfood powders and everything in between. But not all of the options available to you are worth your investment… So, we’ve rounded up our current favourite health products which we think give you great bang for your buck, and make a meaningful difference to your health and wellbeing.

1. BodyScience Vegan Collagen Protein.

With the continuing rise of plant-based diets taking the world by storm (for good reason – the health benefits of including more plant foods in your diet are endless!), we’re big fans of any products that can help plant-based eaters meet all their essential nutrient needs in a simple, fuss-free, reliable way. This is where BodyScience’s Vegan Collagen Protein powder comes in! This ground-breaking functional food innovation is a complete blend of all the nutrients those on a vegan diet struggle to get enough of through diet alone, including:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids, sourced from chia and flax seeds, to support general and mental wellbeing, joint lubrication, and reduce inflammation.
  • Vitamin D, from organic mushroom powder, to promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, support the building of bone and prevent infections and inflammation.
  • Vitamin B12, which is required for the healthy function of brain, nerve and red blood cells.
  • Vitamin C, which supports immune system health and function.
  • Zinc, which supports vital chemical reactions in the body including the creation of DNA, cell growth, protein building, healing and immune function.
  • Iron, responsible for the transport of oxygen around the body and preventing fatigue.

Plus, it contains plant-based amino acids in the same proportions as animal-based collagens and a high-quality plant protein blend, made up of organic pea, brown rice and hemp to support muscle synthesis, lean muscle growth, and satiety. It’s free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners too, so it’s all goodness, without the nasties. It’s never been easier to get all your essential nutrients on a plant-based diet – we’re big fans of this epic new product.

2. Wake-Up Lights.

Wake-up lights, like this Philips one, offer a gentle alternative to the dreaded alarm clock or phone alarm most of us dread each morning. Instead of a sudden, abrupt noise startling you out of your slumber, this light is designed to mimic the sunrise, gradually increasing light in your bedroom and using gentle, natural sounds to wake you. The idea is that they provide you with the same benefits of waking naturally with the sun. Morning sunshine regulates your circadian rhythm (or your internal body clock), which controls your melatonin and hormone production throughout the day, supporting improved sleep, regulating your metabolism and hunger, and improving your immune system function, energy levels and mood too.

It’s a simple but super effective shift in your morning routine, helping set you up for a better day ahead!

3. HidrateSpark Pro Water Bottle.

If you struggle to meet your hydration goals and requirements each day, this smart water bottle is your new BFF! The HidrateSpark Pro syncs to your AppleWatch, phone, FitBit or smart watch to calculate a personal hydration goal based on your body and activity, and tracks your water intake throughout the day. It glows to remind you to drink regularly, and will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, plus it’s completely BPA-free, making it your perfect hydration companion all day, every day!

4. Acupressure Mats.

Mats like the ProSource Acupressure Mat are designed to mimic the effects of acupressure massage, a traditional Chinese medicine technique used to release blocked energy from the body to reduce or relieve associated pain. Acupressure mats have hundreds of plastic points, designed to apply pressure to acupressure points on your back, with some extended to your neck, head, hands and feet too. By lying on these mats, you may relieve back pain, headaches, neck pain, sciatica pain, stiffness, stress, tension and even insomnia. Though there isn’t much scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of acupressure (or the mats), word on the street is that they’re super effective – particularly when it comes to promoting relaxation and relieving stress and anxiety, and supporting sleep. Sounds pretty good to us!

5. Theragun Mini.

A portable version of the full-scale Theragun, this handheld electric massage gun is a game changer! It helps promote muscle recovery after a big workout session, soothes muscle aches and pains, and is deeply relaxing, with three speed options letting you choose your own intensity and force for up to 150 minutes of battery life. It’s small but super effective in releasing tension and pain and allowing you to be back to your best the next day in the gym – and perfect for anyone travelling or on-the-go, thanks to its lightweight and compact size.

6. AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden.

If you love to cook nutritious, flavoursome meals, but find yourself put off by how quickly fresh herbs wilt and rot, or the abundance of chemicals and pesticides they’re often covered in when purchased from the supermarket, we’ve got the solution. The AeroGarden lets you grow your own herbs, greens or veggies at home, on your kitchen bench – no backyard space required! Perfect for all you city dwellers, all you need to do is insert your AeroGarden seed pods into your garden, add some water and the liquid nutrients which come with your garden, and wait for your plants to flourish! Most plants will be flowering in 4-6 weeks, and will keep delivering fresh herbs, greens and goodness for six months or more! It’s the easiest, most efficient gardening system you’ve ever seen! How’s that for a nutrient-dense, flavour-packed addition to your meals, grown right in your own kitchen.

7. Infrared Sauna Blankets.

Want the benefits of an infrared sauna, without the price tag? Us, too. The benefits of saunas are becoming more and more talked about in the health industry, with many athletes and health professionals looking to them to support recovery and relaxation.

This infrared sauna blanket promises to calm your mind and relax your body, relieve aches and pains, enhance recovery and natural detoxification, and reduce inflammation, all while you simply lie there and enjoy the warmth cocooning you. 

The infrared heat penetrates deep into your body, producing relaxing chemicals to help reduce stress and inflammation and support natural healing and recovery. Without needing to leave your house, simply throw on the blanket to feel the post-heat high, and receive the same benefits an infrared sauna promises – only you’re lying down while you sauna, rather than sitting upright. Sounds even better than the traditional sauna if you ask us!


There you have it, our top picks for health products we’re currently loving that actually make a difference to your health and wellbeing! Ditch the fads and trends, and invest in products which deliver on their promises, and support fundamental aspects of health, such as meeting your nutrition requirements, improving sleep and recovery, and relaxing the mind and body.