It’s a hard pill to swallow that discipline and motivation can come in ebbs and flows and not always stick around until they’re not so heavily relied on.

It’s really clear that on any journey to bettering your health, wellness and kicking body transformation goals you need to dig deep to make those desired changes as sometimes the most sought after success sits outside of your comfort zone.

So you’re in a mid year blue and lacking motivation, how do you put that pep back in your step?

1. Firstly, get yourself a plan
Equip yourself with a meal plan, food prep and be aware of your calorie and macro targets. Make sure there’s some sort of plan in place that takes care of your diet which will be the dominant driver of your results.

2. Get a goal striving partner
Buddying up or getting partnered up with a support person can help ignite those flames of motivation and keep them alight when you’re struggling to do so on your own accord. A pick-me-up person can be someone also chasing a goal and the person that hype girl/mans you up when you’re feeling flat and need a reminder of your goals. We have coaches that can help with that!

3. Exercise and make a habit of it.
Getting up a little earlier and working out before you start work or during your lunch break can help you boost your productivity for the day. This, combined with the endorphin rush can help you feel more motivated personally as well as keep you on track with your healthy eating and weight loss goals.

4. Plan your food ahead of time.
Eating as you go while meeting intake goals can be problematic and open the floodgates for losing track, making errors and consuming a poorer choice when it’s too late to make a modification. Our most successful clients pre-plan their day especially in circumstances of dining out or being out of routine. This also increases the likeliness of adhering too. Try and prep your food more than relying on dine out options. Meal prepping ahead of time will also aid in putting a pep in your step and avoiding failure.

5. Focus on mindset and sustaining positivity.
Whether it be trusting the process, or consciously filtrating your mind with positive thoughts – a positive attitude can really help pull you through slumps of low motivation. People who remain in a positive state rarely need to be reminded of why they began their journey in the first stance given the continuous and consistent enjoyment of the process. Having a positive mindset is like being on a ride at a theme park and just not wanting to get off, enjoying all the motions!

Are you looking for a way to bring back your motivation and create consistency in your life as opposed to feeling hot and cold all the time? You need to be equipped with tools that will allow you to make lasting changes like those we provide on the Equalution journey! 

Through the Equalution App with all the science based answers to your body transformation goals, and the support of your coach and your community we encourage you and pull you through the highs and lows of a body transformation experience.

Take the plunge and be part of a movement that doesn’t feel like a diet.

So where to from here? Connect the dots and start with your nutrition. Fuel your body correctly and move towards your goals while loving your body and enjoying food.