how to lose weight safely postpartum

Before we dive into how to safely lose weight postpartum, let us be clear that we’re not telling you you need to ‘bounce back’ after pregnancy.

That really is such an unhealthy and pressuring message for new mums. Your body has just created life and although it may look a bit different, it’s beautiful.

It’s also ok to want to feel more like yourself again and put your physical and mental health first.

Now if that comes in the form of wanting to lose weight, then that’s also ok – just so long as it’s done safely.

That’s something our nutrition coaches here at Equalution specialise in. We cater to postpartum mums to support adequate nutrition and milk supply, if you’re breastfeeding.

For example, when you inform us that you’re breastfeeding and how often, we will calculate your daily calorie and macro intake to support the optimal milk supply for bub. But it will also keep you, mum, in a healthy deficit so you can continue your fat loss journey.

how to safely lose weight postpartum

Having a 1:1 coach by your side throughout your postpartum journey to ensure you’re losing weight safely is a must. Click here to find out more about the Equalution service.

Now while we’d like to be there on your postpartum journey to ensure you and your baby are getting all the nutrients you need, we still want to share some things to remember if you’re embarking on a weight loss journey.

You should consult your GP before making any changes to your diet – particularly when postpartum.

Postpartum weight loss is gradual

It will take time, so be patient with yourself. Crash diets are unsafe as they don’t contain the nutrients you and your little one need. Maintaining a sustainable calorie deficit, suited to your individual needs, will ensure your nutritional needs are met.

If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll likely notice you’re much hungrier than you were pre-baby. This is because breastfeeding burns up a lot of energy (calories). So you need to ensure you’re eating enough nutrients to pass them onto the baby, and also make sure you maintain your energy.

You do not want to restrict your calories harshly during this period. Our team of nutrition coaches will guide you through the right calorie and macro intake to maintain your health and fat loss goals simultaneously.

how to safely lose weight postpartum

Focus on food quality & exercise

Focusing on dietary quality (including protein, fibre, fruits and vegetables) and adequate hydration will support optimal milk production. This includes healthy snacks such as vegetables and hummus, nuts and fruit, yoghurt and muesli.

Include exercise into your routine (when it is safe and comfortable) to help the body metabolise fat for energy. You can get your baby involved, of course! Take them for walks with you or pop them in a bouncer next to you while you do some yoga or pilates at home!

how to safely lose weight postpartum

Get as much sleep as possible

Lastly, we totally understand that good quality sleep can become a distant memory when you have a new baby!

However, sleep deprivation has known impacts on appetite and metabolism which can make fat loss challenging.

Focusing on getting the best quality shut-eye you can (you can read some of our tips here), along with stress reduction techniques like meditation, exercise, healthy balanced diet, and reducing screen time, can be helpful for your transformation journey.