How To Stay On Track Over The Weekend

Jul 28, 2022
how to stay on track over the weekend

Traditionally, if you’re on a fat loss journey, the idea dining out and socialising of a weekend can be daunting.

But it doesn’t need to be!

Here at Equalution, we don’t believe in guilt and deprivation – because you CAN eat the foods you love and lose weight for good. Which means going to restaurants or having some drinks with friends is totally ok!

Our program will educate you on your personal calorie and macro targets, so you know exactly what you can consume to stay on-track and still have fun!

If you’re not already an Equalutioner, you can check out more about us here.

Now as for the weekend, let’s talk about how you can make smart choices to keep yourself accountable but also enjoy yourself – because that’s what life’s all about.

how to stay on track over the weekend

Don’t write off the entire weekend

While a couple of days won’t completely derail the progress you’ve made, it can start to impact those good habits you’ve been building.

One of the best features of Equalution is the food diary, which you can use to pre-plan and track your day to allow for your night out, brunch, or whatever it may be!

Simply incorporate a your fun meal and/or drinks (whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic) into your daily intake goals and you won’t need to stress about ‘falling off the wagon’ because you’re not depriving yourself.

Plan ahead

We briefly touched on this above, but there are other ways to plan your day to ensure you’re staying on track.

If dining out, we suggest having a look at the restaurant’s menu before you go and consider the meal you’re going to have. Usually, the meal won’t be as high in protein as your weekly Equalution meals and will likely contain more calories (restaurants use a lot more sauces, seasonings, etc). Then you can add this meal to your food diary and track the remainder of your day around it.

Other events, like social BBQs for instance, where you may not know what you’ll be eating can be planned for using this same strategy. Save a generous calorie allowance at the beginning of the day and ensure your other meals aren’t too high calorie but are packed with protein – think omelettes, yoghurts, protein bars etc!

HOT TIP: Don’t forget to account for oil! Factor in at least a tablespoon (120 calories) to your meal, unless you can ask for your food without it of course.

how to stay on track over the weekend<br />

Know how to optimally self-track

When self-tracking, the rule of thumb is to always stay within your calories 40 calories over/under is fine but no more or less. You don’t need to go over your calories in an attempt to reach your macro targets.

Always aim to meet the protein and fibre requirements set out for you, fats should account for between 20-30% of your daily goals the remainder will be made up by carbs.

Remember you don’t have to be perfect, at the very least save a generous calorie allowance for social consumption!

Rethink your drink

For some, a weekend isn’t complete without a couple of alcoholic bevvies – cocktails, wine, beer you name it.

Of course, so long as you drink responsibly, you can factor in a few drinks into your weekend.

But just remember, not all drinks are created equal when it comes to calories!

A spirit with a diet soft drink is usually one of the lowest calorie options, while cocktails are very high.

Some other lower calorie options include:

  • Vodka/Diet soda, 65 calories
  • Prosecco, 80 calories a glass
  • Standard Wine, 125 calories a glass
  • Jack Daniels and Diet Coke, 75 calories a glass
  • Pure Blonde beer, 105 calories a bottle
  • Hahn Super Dry beer, 120 calories a bottle

Again, it is really important to pre-plan your day with your estimated alcoholic beverage intake prior.

how to stay on track over the weekend

Drink enough water

We know you’ve probably been told a million times (at least!) the importance of staying hydrated, but it really is so important and especially during a fat loss journey.

If you’re not drinking enough water, it can can cause your body to hold fluids, known as water retention, and can lead to an increase on the scales and make you feel a little ‘puffy’.

Your Equalution app has a water tracker which will let you know how much water you need per day to remain hydrated and support your fat loss journey, however, a general rule of thumb is around 1L per 20kgs of body weight.

Staying hydrated over weekend will also help keep your appetite in check – sometimes our bodies can confuse dehydration for hunger!

how to stay on track over the weekend<br />

Get your loved ones involved

Having friends over? Why not cook them up some of Equalution’s favourite meals such as homemade pizzas, burgers or tacos? All our meals are not only calorie friendly, but they’re also family friendly!

This way you have control over what you’re eating and know it’s going to be a nutritious and delicious meal. Check out some of our recipes here.

Lastly, just enjoy yourself!

If things don’t quite go according to plan this weekend and you indulge more than expected, it’s ok! You will bounce back. What is important is to not let it derail the remainder of the week. Refocus, remember your goals and the reasons for starting and get right back on track.