We’re so excited to announce the launch of our new Meal Swap feature for our Aussie-based Equalutioners.

This allows those signed up to our service to swap their breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or snacks on their assigned meal plan if they wish.

The regenerated meal will of course also align with your personal calorie and macro targets. 

Simply head to your meals section in the app, select the arrows icon on the meal or snack you’d like to swap and voila, your new meal will load in its place. Here’s a video how-to.

Just keep in mind it only applies to the most current meal plan, not past meal plans or morning coffee if you have one included on your plan.

Be aware that if you swap your meal, you cannot undo the action to return to the original meal on your plan. So we recommend saving whichever dish you’re swapping as a meal in your food diary beforehand, so you have them saved, or simply reach out to your coach to swap it back if you prefer it over the swap options.

Also, keep in mind if you have a medical condition, it’s recommended to speak to your coach directly for meal swaps. You can still access meal swaps, however, they may not be suited to your condition as they are auto-generated based on your calorie and macro targets. 

Please note the meal swap feature is yet to be made available to our international customers. We’re working on it!

For more information on how the meal swaps work and how they’re calculated, go to the Meal Swap guide in your app settings. 

And if you’re not yet an Equalution member, you can sign up here and try out this new feature for yourself.

Happy swapping!