Is Calorie Counting Effective? Need some help understanding the crux of why Equalution is so successful for transforming bodies and achieving optimal results? Read on as we explain whether calorie counting is effective… There’s often a million questions that run through hopeful dieters minds when it comes to calorie counting. Is calorie counting effective? Will calorie counting help me lose weight? Can you lose weight by just counting calories alone? Is counting calories good for you? The simple answer is yes. The diet industry has done a great job at over-complicating the simple science of fat loss, but all in all it comes down to the golden rule of energy balance  – calories in vs. calories out. Cutting out food groups, surviving on detox teas and only eating between certain times aren’t the magic solution to dropping a few kilos – being in a calorie deficit is. While doing these things can put you in a calorie deficit, the practice isn’t sustainable and the more you restrict yourself, the more likely you are to crash and binge. It’s still possible to be in a calorie deficit while eating bread, dairy and dessert! How? All you need to do is find out your optimum calorie deficit (how much energy (calories) your body uses in a day, and then slightly below that), as well as macro intakes to ensure you’re nourishing  your body while losing weight to achieve good body composition. At Equalution, we do all this for you, and more. As well as calculating your intake goals, we also devise a delicious and nutritious meal plan catered to your tastes that includes three main meals a day and three snacks (including dessert!) Sound too good to be true? It’s not, it’s just science, and the effectiveness of calorie counting. In the dieting world a restricted Monday-Friday and blow out Saturday-Sunday pattern is a common protocol and cycle however even though it’s ‘the weekend’ and regardless of how hard you worked during the week your body recognises your intake on a periodic basis which is why cheat days may be hindering your progress. Consider this, if you’re consuming 1200 calories Monday – Friday followed by a 7000 calorie weekend of dine out breakfasts, dense salad lunches, cheat meals, alcohol and treats = your weekly daily average = 1850. This could be the reason you are maintaining/not losing weight provided it may not equate to a calorie deficit for your body. Whether it’s alcohol, your favourite dine out meal, chocolate, ice cream etc the key is to maintain a more balanced approach and incorporate these as part of a balanced diet as opposed to weekend blow out or write off days. Restrictive dieters find the weekend particularly hard as they have been so strict during the week the weekend becomes a free for all and includes binges and uncontrolled cheat meals. Dieting does not need to be complicated or cause ill-effects on your physical or mental state, that includes stress, worry or obsession when it comes to calorie counting and meeting your body’s intake needs. While you can’t ignore these numbers there’s definitely a balance that can be struck. Understand your numbers, and at Equalution We believe the most sustainable approach comes from an 80/20 approach. 80% wholefood 20% soul food. Enjoy food you love, guilt-free without cutting macronutrient groups or wining and dining, as well as giving yourself enough energy and nutrients all the while seeing results.