Trying to keep up with office culture during lockdown isn’t impossible when you can’t physically be in the office. Gone are the days of morning coffee runs, lunch and learns, and Friday arvo drinks. Our days are now filled with endless zoom meetings, electronic communication and 11 am lockdown announcements. We have compiled some small tips that the Equalution HQ has implemented that proved to have a nice boost to the company culture while we continue to work from home.
  1. Celebrate the small wins – A great way to do this is to create a company/team Slack channel where you can celebrate individual or team success and everyone can get involved. These wins can be as big as hitting a revenue goal or as small as someone finally finishing off that stubborn to-do list.
  1. Keep the same routine (lockdown edition) – Maintaining company/team routines at this time is so important as it keeps some type of normality in your working week. Try moving your regular catch-ups, morning stand-ups, and even new employee onboarding to a modified Zoom version instead!
  1. Team events – Swap your previous 5 pm work drinks for 5 pm Zoom trivia instead. A great way to sneak some fun and team bonding and end the week in the best possible way!
  1. Nutrition or fitness challenge – Implementing either one of these is a great way to look after your team’s mental and physical health by keeping active and adding in some friendly competition along the way!
We hope these tips inspire you to make a positive impact on your culture too!