Healthy Summer Snacks

Bring on the warmer days ahead and all these delicious treats that come with them – including our 4 favourite healthy summer snacks!

On a weight loss journey, you don’t need to give up the foods you love to enjoy the sunny season. We’re here to share some healthy summer snacks to satisfy those cravings and ensure you stay on track to reach your weight loss goals.

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Now, without further ado, these are our favourite calorie-friendly summer snacks…

Twisted Healthy Treats Tiny Tubs Healthy Summer Snacks

Twisted Healthy Treats Tiny Tubs

The first, and possibly the best, of our 4 favourite healthy summer snacks. These yummy tiny tubs are an easy summer snack because, well, they don’t require any prep! Simply grab one from your freezer and you’re good to go.

They’re 97% sugar-free, only 72 calories per tub and available in two flavours – Caramel White Chocolate and Rich Choc Mint. You can purchase Twisted Healthy Treats Tiny Tubs from Coles and Woolworths nationwide.

Asparagus and Feta Filo Cups Healthy Summer Snack

Asparagus & Feta Filo Cups

Makes 2 cups, 193 calories per serve.


20g Filo pastry

40g Asparagus

20g Danish feta cheese

1 Whole egg

20mL Skim milk

5g Minced garlic



  1. Chop asparagus into 2cm pieces. Sauté asparagus and garlic in a non-stick pan over medium heat for 3 minutes, or until soft.
  2. Meanwhile, line a muffin tray with baking paper. Lay a sheet of filo pastry on a flat surface and divide the pastry into individual squares. Layer 3 squares per muffin tin and evenly distribute the asparagus and feta among the filo cups.
  3. Whisk egg and milk together, and divide the mixture among the muffin tins.
  4. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until pastry is golden brown and egg is cooked through. Serve and enjoy warm or chilled!
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Kiwi, Strawberry & Lime Bowl

Serves 1, 82 calories per serve.


1 Medium kiwi fruit

100g Strawberries

10mL Lime juice



  1. This one’s nice and easy, simply dice fruit, place in a bowl and top with lime juice. Zesty and delicious!
healthy summer snacks

Salmon & Cream Cheese Blinis

Makes 5 blinis, 227 calories.


5 Ocean Blue Mini Blinis

25g Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese

40g Sliced smoked salmon

1 Lemon wedge

10g Sandhurst Capers in Vinegar



  1. Nice and easy! Top blini with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers and a squeeze of lemon juice and serve.


We hope you try and love our 4 favourite healthy summer snacks! For any more of our delicious, calorie and macro-friendly recipes you can click here