nutritious meal plan
With the arrival of Spring there is no better time than now to sit in the sunshine and enjoy delicious and fresh food. We have put together our top 3 go-to meals to make during Spring! Vietnamese Chicken Roll 1 x Woolworths Jumbo Crusty Long Bread Roll BBQ Chicken (no skin or stuffing): 60 grams Lettuce: 30 grams Tomato: 30 grams Carrot: 30 grams Cucumber: 30 grams Spring Onion: 15 grams Soy Sauce: 10 grams Praise 99% Fat Free Mayonnaise: 15 grams     Spaghetti Vongole Pasta Ocean Chef New Zealand Clams (weighed with shell): 200 grams Vetta Smart Pasta Fibre Spaghetti (weighed dry): 70 grams Devondale 50% Less Fat Butter: 20 grams White Wine: 100mL Minced Garlic: 5 grams Fresh Red Chilli: 5 grams Fresh Parsley: 2 grams Cherry Tomato: 50 grams Nisshin Panko Breadcrumbs: 15 grams   Vetta SMART® Fibre Spaghetti naturally delivers twice the fibre*, with the same look & taste as regular spaghetti. Made from premium Australian durum wheat, Vetta SMART Fibre Spaghetti cooks to al dente perfection every time!   Caesar Salad Chicken Breast (weighed raw): 120 grams 1 x Whole Egg Cos Lettuce: 40 grams Spinach: 20 grams Don Diced Bacon: 20 grams Praise Caesar Salad Croutons: 20 grams Perfect Italiano Shaved Parmesan: 5 grams Praise Caesar Dressing: 15 mL