As we head into winter, there is nothing better than jumping on the couch with a delicious bowl of pasta and a glass of wine. Below we share our top three pasta recipes so you can enjoy your favourites guilt free and calorie friendly.   Beef Ragu Pasta – 508 calories Pappardelle Pasta (weighed cooked) 180g Coles Made Easy Slow Cooked Beef Ragu in Tomato Sauce 120g Canned Diced Tomato 200g Mushroom 40g Carrot 40g Spinach 30g Onion 20g Parmesan 5g

Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta – 518 calories 

Chicken Breast (weighed raw) 120g Masterfoods Tuscan Seasoning 5g Minced Garlic 5g Bull Light Thickened Cream 50g Campbells Salt Reduced Real Stock – Chicken 60mL Cherry Tomatoes 80g Spinach 20g Vetta Rural Aid Fettuccine (weighed dry) 70g Parmesan 5g

Chicken Alfredo Pasta – 558 calories

Chicken Breast (weighed raw) 120g Don Diced Bacon 20g Masterfoods Chicken Alfredo Recipe Base 50g Bulla Light Thickened Cooking Cream 50mL Spinach 20g Peas 40g Vetta Rural Aid Fettuccine (weighed dry) 70g Parmesan 5g   Shop Vetta SMART Fibre at Coles or Woolworths. Shop Vetta SMART Protein at Coles.