Looking for a sweet treat and tight on your calorie budget? Or maybe you want to hit your sweet spot without taking away from the volume in your other meals. Here’s our top 5 sweet treats under 100 calories that won’t be taxing on your calorie budget.
  1. YoPro Icecream Stick 100 Calories
  2. Paul’s Low Fat Chocolate Mousse 69 Calories
  3. Mini Meringue Nest with Light Whipped Cream and Strawberries 100 Calories
  4. 1x Treat Size Chocolate Bar from 70 Calories
  5. 1x Jarrah Hot Chocolate 47 Calories
Remember, when it comes to achieving your goals it boils down to your nutrition, whether you’re eating more or less than you’re burning periodically. So without attention to the intake you’re consuming no matter how ‘clean’ your diet is you can still gain weight, which also means that in a calorie controlled and balanced diet you can still enjoy treats. If you have a restrictive diet which crams all your favourite foods in one day a week or a binge it may be calorically more effective for you to incorporate a treat when you feel like it for sanity, balance & control assurance as opposed to counteracting a week’s deficit in one day. (Yes your regular cheat meal has the ‘potential’ to ruin everything). If you’ve hit your essential macro and  micronutrient targets within the context of a balanced diet, does it not make sense that you’re able to take from your caloric allowance and not blow your budget? If you’d like to practice eating flexibly according to the science of your body AND see results join the Equalution movement!