Explore the abundance of March’s autumn harvest with a selection of fruits and vegetables that can aid in your weight loss journey. Choosing seasonal produce isn’t just about flavour; it’s a deliberate choice to optimise your nutrition and align with the season. Doing so not only favours your palate but your bank account too.


Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, grapes provide a satisfying sweetness to your meals while promoting overall well-being. Incorporate them into your snacks or meals to add flavour and nutrients. Due to their high water content, grapes also help to aid hydration.


With their crisp texture and fibre content, pears are a wholesome addition to your diet. Enjoy them as a nutritious snack or incorporate them into recipes to add substance and natural sweetness without compromising your weight loss goals.


Add a refreshing zest to your dishes with limes, which are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Their tangy flavour can enhance the taste of various dishes without adding unnecessary calories, making them a valuable addition to your weight loss meal plan.


Bursting with fibre and antioxidants, passionfruit offers a unique tropical flavour that can elevate your snacks and desserts. Incorporate them into your diet to add variety and nutritional value to your meals.


With its mild flavour and versatility, eggplant can be a valuable addition to your weight loss meal plan. Rich in fibre and low in calories, eggplant can help you feel full and satisfied while adding substance to your dishes.


Known for its nutritional density, kale is a versatile leafy green that can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. Its high fibre content can help you feel full and satisfied, lending a hand to any hunger cues you are experiencing throughout the day. 


Low in calories yet rich in nutrients, mushrooms offer a flavourful and filling option for your meals. Incorporate them into your recipes to add depth of flavour and texture, best on pizza, in ramen & as a mushroom sauce.

Sweet Corn

Unlock the versatility of tomatoes as you craft easy and healthy dinner recipes. From salads to sauces, tomatoes contribute flavour to any meal while offering essential nutrients.


Enjoy the natural sweetness and crunch of fresh sweet corn, which is packed with fibre and essential nutrients. Incorporate it into your meals to add texture and flavour, best cooked on the BBQ. 

Let the nutritional benefits of grapes, pears, limes, passionfruit, kale, mushrooms, eggplant, and sweet corn guide you on your weight loss journey. Variety within your meals makes a healthier lifestyle more enjoyable.