December not only marks the official start of Summer, it also brings with it a wide variety of fruit and vegetables synonymous with the Aussie Summer.

Eating to the season not only means getting produce at its peak flavour, it also ensures cost effective ingredients to keep your grocery bill in check. 

Equalution makes it easy for you and presents our top picks for in-season produce!

December brings the peak season for apricots, offering a burst of sweetness and vibrant color. These velvety fruits are perfect for snacking, incorporating into desserts, or adding a delightful touch to salads.

As the temperatures rise, cherries take center stage, becoming the quintessential symbol of December. Their luscious red hues and sweet-tart flavor make them an ideal snack or a delectable addition to pies, tarts, and compotes. The perfect addition to the table this festive season.

Raspberries are in their prime during December, presenting a juicy and flavorful option for your culinary creations. Sprinkle them over your breakfast bowls, blend them into smoothies, or indulge in their natural sweetness as a guilt-free treat.

Celebrate the summery vibes with fresh watermelon, reaching its peak in December. Whether enjoyed in slices, diced for refreshing salads, or blended into cool beverages, watermelon adds a hydrating and delicious touch to your meals.

December showcases grapes in their full glory, offering a variety of colors and flavors. Whether you prefer red, green, or black grapes, they make for a convenient and healthy snack or a delightful addition to cheese platters.

|Spinach is at its best in December, providing nutrient-packed leaves for your salads, sautés, and smoothies. Incorporate this leafy green into your meals for a boost of vitamins and minerals.

December heralds the peak season for mushrooms, presenting a versatile ingredient for various dishes. Whether you sauté them, roast them, or add them to pasta, mushrooms bring a rich umami flavor to your culinary creations.

Tomatoes continue to thrive in December, offering a diverse range of options. From cherry tomatoes for snacking to Roma tomatoes for sauces, embrace the versatility of this fruit in your salads, sauces, and main dishes.

December brings tender and crisp asparagus spears to the forefront. Roast, grill, or add them to pasta dishes for an elegant and flavorful addition to your meals.

Creating your meals around in season produce not only means great tasting meals but also supports sustainable and budget-friendly food choices. 

As you embark on your December grocery shopping, take the chance to enjoy the freshness of apricots, cherries, raspberries, watermelon, grapes, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and asparagus. Your taste buds will thank you, and you’ll be enjoying some of the freshest fruit and vegetables available.