It is officially winter here in Australia, and whilst the temperature drops, a new wave of delicious seasonal produce hits our shelves. This month, embrace the vibrant flavours and health benefits of this in-season fruit and vegetables, perfect for warming up your winter dishes. 


  • Avocados: These creamy and versatile fruits continue to be a staple in June. Add them to salads, and sandwiches, or enjoy them on their own for a satisfying and healthy snack packed with heart-healthy fats and essential nutrients.
  • Dates: June welcomes the arrival of naturally sweet dates. Rich in fibre and antioxidants, these delightful fruits are perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to trail mix, energy balls, or enjoying them stuffed with nuts and cheese for a delicious and nutritious appetiser.
  • Rhubarb: This vibrant pink stalk adds a unique tart flavour to winter dishes. Rhubarb shines in crumbles, pies, and jams, or even plays a surprising role in savoury chutneys.
  • Bananas: A year-round favourite, bananas deserve a special mention in June. Packed with potassium and natural sugars, they provide a quick and convenient energy boost and are a perfect addition to smoothies, yoghurt parfaits, or simply enjoyed on their own for a healthy and satisfying snack.



  • Cauliflower: A cruciferous powerhouse, cauliflower remains in season during June. Enjoy its versatility by roasting it whole, ricing it for a low-carb alternative to rice, or incorporating it into creamy soups and stews.
  • Leeks: June is prime time for leeks. Their milder flavour compared to regular onions makes them ideal for adding a subtle oniony depth to soups, stews, or potato dishes.
  • Pumpkin: A quintessential winter comfort food, pumpkin takes centre stage in June. Enjoy its versatility in soups, roasted as wedges, mashed, or even transformed into sweet treats like pies and muffins.
  • Beetroot: Earthy and vibrant, beetroot adds a beautiful pop of colour and a touch of sweetness to winter salads. Roast them whole, toss them roasted into salads, or even pickle them for a delicious and tangy condiment.

By incorporating these June seasonal offerings into your meals, you’ll not only be indulging in delicious and vibrant flavours, but also packing your diet with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep you healthy and energised throughout the cooler months.

At Equalution, we love to cook with seasonal fruits & vegetables in our recipes, making sure that your personalised meal plans include them too. So, head to your local farmers market or grocery store and embrace the abundance of the winter’s harvest.