In the name of World Chocolate Day: what you’ve always wanted to hear – the chocolate WON’T make you fat….

  Why chocolate won’t directly lead to fat gain: 1. You have a Total Daily Energy Expenditure which is the amount of energy (calories) your body burns on a daily basis mindful of your activity. Eating less than this (calorie deficit) will equate to fat loss. So, it’s not food quality as such (although it is important to meet your macro and micronutrient targets) but rather food ‘quantity’ in vs calories out = fat loss. In light of the above, a chocolate bar can EASILY be incorporated within this intake.   2. In meeting your body’s calorie goal you need macronutrients – protein, fats & carbs. A chocolate bar is predominantly fat and carbs so it has the same potential to meet these targets as a banana & almond combination. The only difference being the micronutrient intake, which does not prohibit fat loss but rather requires the rest of the food choice for that day to be more nutrient dense.   3. If you have a restrictive diet which doesn’t allow for your favourite foods in moderation instead crams them in one day a week or a binge – it may be calorically more effective for you to incorporate a daily chocolate bar for sanity, balance & calorie control assurance as opposed to counteracting a weeks deficit in one day. (Yes – your weekly cheat meal has the ‘potential’ to ruin a week’s progress).   4. If you’ve hit your essential macro & micronutrient targets (so you’ve hit your protein, fiber & may have not had as many carbs or fats as your calories allow for) does it not make sense that you’re able to take from your caloric allowance & not bust your budget?   Have the chocolate bar. Science allows for it & you deserve balance. Want to understand more about what your body requires to achieve your goals? Want to see the foods you love incorporated in a balanced and moderated meal plan that achieves results without you missing out?   Equalution is the diet that doesn’t feel like a diet, your individual targets are strategically calculated in order to reach your goals and a tailored meal plan is provided meeting these needs with the foods you love. Enjoy 80% wholefood 20% soul food and have your own personal nutrition coach guide you along the way!