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Martha had one goal in mind when she joined Equalution: to lose fat and achieve a healthy weight without resorting to restrictive diets. Looking back on her experience, Martha shares, “Equalution changed my view on food and dieting completely!” She discovered the power of integrating foods she once considered “bad” or “fattening” while still achieving weight loss. Martha emphasizes the importance of hitting her macros targets, stating,

“It really educated me on the importance of hitting your macros targets for your body composition.”

Equalution’s support played a vital role in Martha’s success. She found comfort in having weekly check-ins with a coach and receiving ongoing support. According to Martha, “Having a coach along the way helped to stay on track but also not feel guilty or like I ruined my progress if I did have an off day.” She credits the program’s strategies, like frequent meals and snacks, for preventing feelings of deprivation.

Despite facing challenges such as needing to prepare and eat out without a plan, Equalution provided solutions. By meal prepping for a few days, Martha saved time and eliminated excuses to stray from her goals. Pre-planning choices for dining out allowed her to make informed decisions without anxiety. Martha explains, “I was able to pre-plan what I could have so I could still make good decisions that wouldn’t sabotage my routine.”

Martha’s achievements extend beyond the numbers on the scale. She celebrates the ability to wear clothes that show her arms, an area of insecurity in the past. “I used to hate my arms and would never wear anything that had them exposed,” she says. Equalution has given her confidence and shattered the belief that PCOS would limit her weight loss. Martha affirms, “Equalution has allowed me to prove to myself that it is possible with the right nutrition and education.”

Since starting Equalution, Martha’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation. She feels happier, healthier, and more confident. Martha expresses her newfound freedom, saying, “I’ve also been able to finally wear clothes that I’ve held onto for years ‘just in case I lose weight’!” She enthusiastically recommends Equalution, stating, “It will be the best decision you can do for yourself and is truly life-changing!”

Martha’s inspiring journey with Equalution showcases the program’s ability to reshape one’s relationship with food, achieve weight loss, and instill newfound confidence.

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