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Romy’s decision to join Equalution was fueled by her desire to lose post-pregnancy weight before her wedding. Little did she know that her journey would bring forth a multitude of unexpected benefits. Equalution not only helped her achieve her weight loss goals but also fostered a healthier relationship with food, becoming a role model for her children.

Reflecting on her experience, Romy shares, “Originally, my goal was just weight loss, I didn’t even consider all the other benefits that would come from joining up!” She discovered the importance of mindful eating, paying attention to how different meals made her feel and how much energy she had. “I have fallen in love with cooking,” Romy adds, emphasizing the positive impact it had on her well-being.

Navigating real-life situations presented challenges for Romy, but with Equalution’s guidance, she learned to strike a balance. “I was able to learn how to navigate meals out so I can still enjoy the little things we love to do,” Romy explains. The support and knowledge provided by Equalution empowered her to make informed choices without feeling restricted.

Celebrating her milestones, Romy remarks, “Losing the first couple of kgs was a big achievement for me… Then, when I lost 10kgs, I was absolutely blown away!” Fitting into old jeans that slipped off her body was a tangible reminder of her progress. Moreover, she gained confidence in her cooking abilities, delighting her friends with delicious meals and dinner parties.

Equalution brought about a complete life change for Romy. She shares, “I feel so much happier and healthier knowing exactly what’s going into my body.” Empowered by her transformation, she even considers a career in helping others achieve their goals.

Romy’s advice to those considering Equalution is clear: “Just do it! Future you will thank yourself for joining… Having a community that will support and encourage you is the best thing you’ll ever do to make a lasting change.”

Romy’s journey with Equalution exemplifies the transformative power of balanced eating and a supportive community. Through weight loss, improved well-being, and a newfound passion for cooking, she became a role model and found happiness. Equalution empowered her to take control of her health and inspired her to consider helping others on their own transformation journeys.

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