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Meal Plans




What are "daily targets"?

Your daily targets are the overall calorie, protein, carb, and fat goals that we calculate specifically for your body transformation in light of your goals.

How do you know what my body needs?

Our comprehensive questionnaire provides us with all the information and data points we require in order to calculate your needs.

Do I need to have a scan done before?

No, we can obtain all the data points we need through you. You don’t need any professional or expensive scans/tests, however, if you wish to do so, it will make for a great point of comparison at the end of your journey.

Will my targets change or do they always stay the same?

We use your weekly progress within our internal algorithm to tweak your daily targets each week. Some weeks you’ll see changes, others you may not, depending on where you’re at in your journey.

When are check-ins?

We have a personal check-in with each Equalutioner every week via the app, yours will be at the same time on the same day throughout your journey. You’ll find your allocated time on the app dashboard.

What are check-ins?

During check-in you’re asked a series of questions relating to your adherence to daily targets, menstrual cycle, water intake and any food preferences you may have. This information allows us to optimally assess your results, make any changes and provide feedback. Check-in is not compulsory, but it does affect the accuracy of the service we are able to provide.

Do you service international clients?

Yes we do! We service worldwide and tailor to your region. There are Equalutioners all around the world!

Is exercise compulsory?

Not all of our clients exercise, and it isn’t compulsory or necessary for results. We calculate your intake goals according to your individual energy expenditure. So, do what you enjoy and is sustainable for you, let us know about your daily activities and your Equalution targets will reflect this.

If I'm older, will Equalution still work for me?

Yes! Everyone’ metabolic rates lower as we get older, which is why we incorporate age into our calculations for your calorie and macronutrient needs.

I work shift work, will Equalution still work for me?

Yes, absolutely! Equalution is lifestyle friendly for all work and life schedules. Meal timing isn’t relevant or regulated on our plans so we just advise you to consume your meals or meet your intake targets within a 24-hour block and the practice will be highly suitable and unhindered.

I work FIFO, will Equalution still work for me?

Yes, you can still use our services when you’re away. Simply track your intake foods in the app and meet the macro goals we’ve strategised for you. For the meal plan, we suggest creating an adaptable, universal option, ie. Breakfast: 2x slices of wholemeal bread, 2x eggs, etc. OR if you know the foods you have access to that week, we can tailor a plan for you. Each meal plan can be tailored to the requests you submit during your weekly check-in.

I like to dine out and I also like a drink or two, does that work with Equalution?

Absolutely, we practice an 80/20 approach to nutrition: 80% wholesome and nutritious food and 20% food you love, so you can incorporate treat foods (in moderation!) within your daily intake targets. Our team will coach you through using your food diary. Alternatively, you can take all the thinking out of it with our social meal plan. This is a one-day plan where we specify what to eat from meals 1-6 inclusive of your dine out/social meal.

Do you have a sample meal plan?

We don’t have a sample meal plan as each meal plan is customised for each individual, their intake needs and food preferences. However, you can expect balanced and diverse foods reflecting what people usually like to eat. Follow us on Instagram and search the Equalution hashtag to see what our clients enjoy!

Do you eat the same thing every day?

Not at all! There are always options to vary your food choice depending on whether you choose to self select your food choices for the day or follow your personal meal plan.

What if I want more than one meal plan?

You can do that. Additional meal plans are available to purchase as an add-on to your subscription for $7 per plan per week. Or you can buy single plans for $10 per plan.

Are the meal plans family friendly?

Yes, your whole family will love your Equalution meals, they’re delicious!

Do you offer meal plans for partners?

We sure do. We can sync up your meal plans so you can enjoy the same meals proportionate to your individual requirements and food preferences.

Do the meal plans require heaps of prep?

Absolutely not. Our meal plans are very prep friendly, and if there are any specific prep requests you have—whether that be limited cooking facilities, time, etc.—just specify this during your check-in!

I am so fussy do you cater to this?

Of course. Your meal plan is specifically customised to your likes and dislikes.

Are meal plan recipes budget-friendly?

A number of variables may affect the budget of your custom meal plan, however, everything can be purchased from your local grocer (no specialty stores), so will be similar to your regular grocery shop.

Can I opt out of the meal plan?

After your first eight weeks you have the option to opt out of the weekly meal plan. You’ll still receive your daily targets and be able to track your progress; however, we only recommend this if you are confident in planning meals according to the daily targets of your body.

Do you cater toward health and medical conditions?

As a company, we facilitate body transformations (weight loss, weight management and muscle gain) and do not facilitate a service to accomodate for health conditions. Only those of that are dietary requirements instead i.e. dairy free, gluten free, vegan etc. Our meal plans are constructed according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines and take a balanced and non-restrictive approach.

If you do have health concerns that need to be dietary managed, you can opt for out ‘daily targets only’ service after the initial 8 weeks. This will allow you to track your own nutritional consumption with our guidance towards your goals.

Do you cater to pregnant women?

We do not service pregnancy nutrition, though we’d love to hear from you after you’ve had your baby for your postpartum journey!

Do you cater to breastfeeding?

We sure do Mummas, so you can jump on board immediately postpartum as we take this into account in calculating your needs in order to not hinder milk supply.

I've had gastric sleeve surgery, can Equalution still help me?

We have worked with gastric sleeve clients with mixed results. We understand people who have had gastric sleeve surgery already have different individual restrictions on food quantity and portions; this can affect our ability to create an optimal strategy while meeting your appropriate calorie and macronutrient goals. We love working closely with each person to achieve results, however, through our past experiences with gastric sleeve clients, we are unable to accurately predict how successful the results will be for you.

I'd like to do a trial, do you do this?

Given the intricate calculations and customisation conducted in the initial process, we do not offer a trial. Due to this, when signing up we have an 8 week minimum period.

What are the payment options?

We bill directly to your credit card through a secure Stripe transaction.

Can I hold my service?

You certainly can! At your request with no less than 7 days’ written notice via your support chat, we may put your Subscription on hold for a maximum of a single continuous 4-week period in any 12-month period where we provide the Program to you (Hold). During the Hold, we will not provide the Program to you, and you will not be required to pay us the Subscription Fee. A hold will only be granted after the minimum commitment term has been met.

Is there a money back guarantee?

We stand behind the science of the Equalution strategy and are highly confident you can achieve your goals with fill adherence. However, we can’t be fully accountable for non-compliance during your journey and cannot be liable for results not meeting your expectations.

How much will I lose every week?

While it’s great to have a weight goal, the number on a scale doesn’t always adequately represent optimal fat loss. A number of factors impact our scale weight—especially for females! This makes other data points, such as body measurements and progress photos, a more accurate means of gauging progress. Because optimal fat loss is highly varied for each individual, the amount of scale weight lost person to person differs significantly; our clients typically lose anywhere from 250g to 2.5kg per week.

Is it guaranteed to work?

Our strategy is based on a scientific approach to nutrition. If there is full adherence to the program we are highly confident your best results will be achieved. However, we can’t be fully accountable for non-compliance, therefore Equalution cannot be liable for results not meeting your expectations.