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Transform your body and your relationship with food. 

Here's why the Equalution 8 Week Challenge just may be the best investment you make in yourself:

    1. Over 10,000kgs were lost in our last challenge. How many of the next kilos lost could have your name on them? 

    2. We use the unique data points of your body to calculate your optimal daily targets. Results are driven by science, ain’t no guessing our way to your goal! 

    3. You will receive delicious, tailored meal plans that cover an entire day of eating, taking the thought process out of what to eat and how much of it!

    4. Have an allergy, medical condition or dietary preference? We tailor to you! Whether you're vegan, breastfeeding, time poor or have an intolerance, our team of experts will build a meal plan that works for you.

    5. You have access to a personal nutrition coach who is there with you every step of the way. We cheer you on and shower you in expertise!

    6. Exclusive access to our Equalution Community Group Facebook page. A place that connects, inspires and motivates you on your body transformation! You’re not alone!

    7. Without restricting foods and enjoying your favourite treats you will be able to sustain your results long term. No more yo-yo dieting

    8. You actually will get results, we assess these weekly and drive our strategy accordingly!  

    9. Up to $10,000 worth of prizes to giveaway including weekly in-app giveaways!

    10. We have a 20% off discount code: APRIL20 to get you started. Now there's no reason to miss out! 

Stop dreaming about your best self and start working on it now with a nutrition plan that works. 

"You don’t even feel like you’re on a ‘diet’... and this is why I’ve had so much success. I’m eating normal food, that’s been fully customised to what I like so the chances of me falling off the wagon are next to none! To date I have lost 7.4kg and 43cms since starting the challenge in January, and I have 100% changed my relationship with food. I no longer feel any guilt if I eat something that isn’t a lettuce leaf and it’s the best feeling in the world to be rid of all the self hatred associated with food. Equalution has taught me that diets don’t have to be boring and restrictive. You can make delicious food and still reach your goals. I have also learnt that if you have a bad day, it doesn’t mean all your hard work has been undone. I’m blown away by this whole process.. I never want to stop! But I never would’ve been able to do this on my own without Equalution, so it’s the Equalution way for life, for me!"

- Cass Judd, winner of the Equalution 8 week Challenge March 2021


Join now to start now and opt in to the challenge via the home screen on the app! 

The best version of you is waiting.