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The Perfect Meal Plan
Feb 10, 2021

So you know how we’re the body transformation experts? Well we didn’t get that title from not knowing how to accelerate our clients to their goals.

How do we do it?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no one size fits all approach to reaching your goals.

What this means is on an individual basis your personal data and body’s needs are integral in calculating your overall calorie, protein, carb and fat needs of which we use foods of your preference to meet these. 

As you know, with Equalution we have our own calorie tracking tool in the Equalution App allowing you to use foods of your choice to meet these daily targets we set daily.

When it comes to the delicious meal plan you get weekly, what is the perfect meal plan? The perfect meal plan differs person to person because essentially we take the foods YOU love and fit these to your calorie and macronutrient targets we calculate.

If though, we were to share the secret sauce ingredients in creating the perfect meal plan let’s chat our top three tips in making a scrumptious Equalution approved meal plan!


Sample meal plan

Breakfast Bacon & Egg Muffin 
1x Whole Egg
Don Rindless Bacon 40g
1x Tip Top Wholemeal Muffin
Fountain No Sugar Added Sauce 

AM Snack Yoghurt & Fruit
1x Danone YoPro Yoghurt
1x Apple 

Lunch Morrocan Chicken Pita 
Chicken Breast (weighed raw): 120 grams
MasterFoods Moroccan Seasoning: 5 grams
Lettuce: 30 grams
Tomato: 30 grams
Onion: 15 grams
Capsicum: 30 grams
Cucumber: 30 grams
Chris' Tzatziki: 30 grams

PM Snack Tuna & Philly on Rice Cakes
1x Sirena Lite Tuna in Oil
Philadelphia Extra Light Cream Cheese 40g
Rocket 20g
Tomato 80g
3x Corn Thins
Nandos Perinaise  

Dinner Steak & Chips 
Extra Lean Rump Steak 180g
McCain Healthy Choice Chips 180g
Green Beans 100g

1x Magnum Classic  

Tip 1. Include a protein source in every meal to ensure satiety and meeting your protein target.

Tip 2. Hit your fiber and micronutrient goals through the inclusion of whole food - 80% wholesome and nutritious foods - fruit, vegetables, wholegrains etc.

Tip 3. Have a treat when you feel like it to ensure long term adherence, satisfaction and sustainability in your diet. 

Love the look of this delicious meal plan and want to make it your own? In this delicious style we can tailor to you! Equalution is your pocket nutrition coach, we calculate your body’s daily target goals and use foods of your preference to meet these in a customise nutrition plan. 


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