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In facilitating body transformations around the globe to thousands of different people for many many years, we’ve instilled and seen some common trends in good practice amongst those that are most successful. Our most successful clients are not only those that reach their goals but also sustain their results too. Here are some tips on how they achieved their success, so monkey see monkey do:

Our Equalution client's flexible dieting success eating according to her strategised macronutrient requirements with balance and no restriction in foods or food groups.

They take a ‘long haul’ approach

In an industry where ‘quick, hard and fast’ is the basis of a lot of expectations and marketing gimmicks, our most successful clients come into their body transformation with a completely different mindset. Instead, we facilitate and they adopt an approach of overall lifestyle sustainability as opposed to only for a set amount of time or until a ‘challenge’ has finished.

On that note, if you don’t want to regain more than the weight lost in half the amount of time that it took you to lose it then listen up. This mindset is the basis of why you’ll achieve results and keep them as opposed to having a ‘seasonal’ physique. Making consistent and realistic changes, resorting to less extreme measures and not living for an ‘end date’ are all objectives adopted by our most successful body transformation clients. Some clients may begin with an eating disorder, poor relationship with food etc but understand that progress takes time and invested effort and are willing to put in the work for the end result.

They are always accountable and aware - even when it’s not perfect

On a body transformation journey the basis of all results - provided the strategy and method is sound and sustainable - is consistency. Dieting for only 5 days a week, having crazy cheat meals, picking at food daily are all factors that people can ignore as being detrimental to results. Our most successful clients self-track regardless, are conscious of calorie intake no matter what the occasion and utilise the support of having a coach and keep accountable even if the day or circumstance itself has meant less than 100% adherence.

They get the most for their calories and aren’t wasteful

Some of our most successful clients adopt good practices such as ensuring they get the most for their calorie buck for optimum energy levels and satiety. Despite your body not recognising food as good or bad instead recognising it for its macronutrient (protein, carb and fat) value there are certainly more nutrient-dense food options and - on the opposite end of the spectrum - more calorie-dense and nutrient lacking food options. Take a choice of spending 125 calories for example. You’ll find 125 calories in the following:

  • 1x Glass of Wine
  • 1x Nestle Soleli Yogurt, 1x Small Banana, Honey 5g
  • 4x Squares of Chocolate
  • 1x Mountain Rye Wrap, 40g Fat-Free Ham, 1x Laughing Cow Light Spreadable Cheese Wedge

    All options are of course of different macronutrient values though are all 125 calories in value. So if one was just wanting to fill 125 calories without consideration of macros the above options would give different energy and satiety outcomes. Our best transformations come from those who are able to distinguish between sparing the calories for treats or filling them with nutrient-dense foods if they’re wanting to maximise energy and feeling fuller for longer.

    They typically keep things relatively the same and simple

    While its good to add variety and mix things up it’s also really handy just to not only stick to what you know but keep it simple. This saves a huge disappointment or hassle in going above and beyond to be MasterChef on a daily basis on your fat loss journey. You want to be able to find it easy to meal prep and know what’s coming as opposed to having high prep times and overthinking each meal.

    They plan out their food in advance

    Eating as you go while meeting intake goals can be problematic and open the flood gates for losing track, making errors and consuming a poorer choice when it’s too late to make a modification. Our most successful clients pre-plan their day especially in circumstances of dining out or being out of routine. This also increases the likeliness of adhering too.

    meal prep containers

    They prepare their own food more than dining out

    While you don’t have to restrict yourself when it comes to dining out and socialising, dining out definitely does increase the margin of error in guesstimation of energy intake on your plate as well as the opportunity to overeat and exceed your goal intake. In failing to account for oils, or misjudging portion size etc dining out can facilitate missing the mark with your daily intake and increasing the frequency of this only creates more opportunities daily to tamper with your consistency.

    They’re active


    Active doesn’t mean going to the gym for 2 hours a day 7 days a week but more so just making conscious efforts to move more and be mobile even in sedentary situations such as a day job. Some good practices of our successful clients include opting to walk instead of taking accelerated modes of transport, consciously getting up and moving around more, if not training/working out then making the effort to go for a walk etc.

    They don’t reward themselves with food

    Our most successful clients tend to not use food as a method of reward when it comes to adhering for an extended period of time or even just doing a little more activity/exercise for the day. In not using either or the above as a license to eat more it betters results, consistency and decreases the likelihood of deviating. Typically they won’t count an extended walk to the grocery store or walking the dog as a justification of eating an additional 100 or so calories given its regarded as everyday movement and activity.

    They are aware of the calories in everything

    Our most successful clients understand calories just as we do. It’s important to know and be aware of the energy intake in all different types of food whether you’re on a really great streak OR having a less than perfect day. No matter what adherence level or approach you adopt don’t lose all awareness of calorie-dense foods, poor choices and way overeating for your body and intake goals. A good example of this is going out for drinks and nibbles with friends. Someone who is aware of the calorie content in food and their ‘limits’ calorically will do things like:

    • Be conscious of the other food they eat during the day, eating lesser or saving themselves a bit of a buffer for the evening.
    • Order food in its most simple form, things like steamed, raw, grilled etc as opposed to deep-fried, pan-fried, marinated and sautéed to save calories
    • Be able to balance between a number of courses or between food and beverages i.e skip dessert to have a few drinks, skip an entree to have dessert etc.
    • Recognise the lower calorie option e.g opt for vodka/soda water as opposed to cocktails, steamed vegetables as a side instead of fries, balsamic vinegar as a dressing rather than creamy sauces.

    They’re positive

    Whether it be trusting the process, believing in their capabilities or waking up with the mindset of giving the day 100%, our most successful clients have a positive attitude and rarely need to be reminded of why they began their journey in the first stance.

    All in all, being successful on a body transformation requires a connection between a good practice, good foundations/guidance and a good mindset. If you don’t know how to eat for your body’s intake needs while incorporating the foods you love without forgoing your lifestyle, consider professional coaching. Through flexible dieting you’re able to make your own rules, sticking to an intake that is a reflection of the science of YOUR BODY. In turn, it is possible to work in your lifestyle, social life and relationship without jeopardising results and most importantly ensuring long-term sustainability. By knowing your overall caloric intake and adhering to the protein, fats and carbs you require using foods of your choice it allows you to eat the foods you enjoy in moderation decreasing the likelihood of cheating and binge eating or derailing under pressure or outside of routine when others are involved.

    Consider coaching…

    A professional in this context like our Equalution team can:

    • Strategise your intake requirements for optimum results
    • Give you the tools to integrate life with your partner, friends and family in with your goals
    • Support you on your journey with positive encouragement
    • Aid you in emergency situations that are likely to cause deviations
    • Keep you accountable for your nutrition

      Contact us today for customised nutrition for your body’s protein, fat and carb requirements for your goals. See the changes in just the first week without forgoing the foods you love!