Refund Policy

Carefully consider your purchase prior to making payment. Refunds will not be provided in the event of a change of mind. If an unforeseen or extenuating circumstance has occurred, or you have a legitimate reason as to requiring a refund then you can contact Equalution at and express this reason in which in which it will be discretionary as to whether a refund is granted.

You can however change your service selection if you wish to go with an alternative service option and will be required to pay the difference in cost if one exists. If there is a balance in services paid to that of your new selection then this balance will be carried over to your renewal.

You are also entitled to be provided with a service credit of total amount paid to begin your body transformation at a better suited time. If unforeseen circumstances arise and you wish to hold your service a 2-4 week limitation applies to this.

The service can be held for a maximum of 2-4 weeks only granted under our discretion. This is due to your plan needing to be restrategised from the early stage process given a lengthy time lapse beyond this period.