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Our program includes:
Personal calorie, protein, fat and carb targets
One full-day meal plan, provided weekly
Weekly check-in and food diary review
Ongoing chat support
Calculation assistance for dining out
Lifetime access to the Equalution Facebook community
If you’re confident about flexible dieting and simply want your magic numbers, you can opt out of the weekly full-day meal plan after your initial eight weeks.
Chose your subscriptionMinimum subscription of eight weeks
Minimum subscription of eight weeks
$8.50 per day
Billed $59.50 every week
$8.00 per day
Billed $485.22 every 2 months
$7.50 per day
Billed $682.50 every 3 months
$6.50 per day
Best valueBilled $1183.00 every 6 months
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Our tailor-made meal plans are designed to help you get the most out of your journey. One meal plan covers an entire day detailing what to eat from start to finish according to your unique daily targets and food preferences.
One meal plan (one full day option) is included in our program, however, you can add as many meal plans per week as you’d like for an additional $15 per meal plan.
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Have an allergy, medical condition or dietary preference?
We've got you covered. Whether you’re vegan, breastfeeding, time poor or have an intolerance, our team of experts will build a meal plan that works for you.